Q. What are the benefits of Compactor Storage?

A. Some of the common benefits of Compactors storage system as listed as follows.

  • Compactors storage increases storage space in small locations
  • Compactors storage can be added to standard shelving units
  • Brakes and anti-tip protection ensure safety in Compactors storage
  • Compactors storage rolls easily by hand
  • Low profile track mounts flush onto existing floor
  • Compactors storage Systems can use aerial space up to 12ft tall
  • Re-use your existing Metal ware shelving in a Mobile System
  • Use a combination of static and mobile shelving to maximize your space

Q. What is the price of Compactor Storage System or is there any hidden cost?

A. The price you are cited by our sales team incorporates the cost of your storage unit. This cost will be founded on the necessity submitted to us (if there should be an occurrence of custom determination). We likewise have a few of the rack storage items that have fixed cost. You can peruse our site to investigate our item portfolio and send a request. We will give you detail quotes that can be custom statement or additionally of the rack cost for standard items. The cost gave in the statements is last and no hidden cost.

Q. What are the advantages of Compactor Storage System?

A. The offered Compactor Storage System is not only used for storage purpose but also provide the following advantages.

  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Versatility
  • Economy
  • Space
  • Locking Facility

Q. What is security of the offered Compactor storage system?

A. The security of the compactor storage system is mentioned below:

  • Offers protection for stock against dust and theft
  • Units Closed together and locked

Q. What is accessibility of the offered Compactor Storage System?

A. The accessibility of the compactor storage system is mentioned below:

  • Provides instant accessibility
  • Reduces the possibility of wasting space
  • Save time and efforts

Q. What is versatility of the offered Compactor Storage System?

A. The versatility of the compactor storage system is mentioned below:

  • Instant adjustable storage systems offer highest level of flexibility
  • Available in standard sizes suiting the requirements of clients
  • Optimum quality finish and clean lines provide most pleasing and functional systems
  • Decorative end panels are available in contemporary style and textures

Q. How space is required for Compactor Storage System?

A. Our technical staff will design your space into effective working area.

Q. What is the locking facility available for Compactor Storage System?

A. The locking facility available for compactor storage system is mentioned below:

  • Individual locking facility is provided for each block
  • Avoid closure of blocks when people are inside the block
  • Floor locking facility is also provided

Q. Why Choose Maxstor Brand name Compactor Storage System?

A. Some of the highlighting features of our company are as follows:

  • Ethical industry practices
  • Experienced staff
  • On time delivery
  • Qualitative product range
  • Strong financial position
  • Competitive prices
  • Efficient workforce
  • Immense industry experience