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We, MAXSTOR INDIA PVT LTD, is situated at Ahmedabad, are one of the Industrial Storage Solution Provider of Sheet Metal and Fabrication Works. We introduce you to India’s one of the best space saving system in modern times Compactor Storage System Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Mobile Compactor Storage Systems, Compactor Filing System in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. we are also Provide Industrial Rack, Tool Cabinet, Tool Trolley, Boltless Rack. Our flourished range of products includes manufacturing of all types of sheet metal and fabrication works specialist in Industrial Storage Racks. Incepted years ago in this domain under the guidance of owner Owner and Team members, we have achieved the topmost position in this particular industry segment. Our professional’s sharp business acumen and years of industrial experience and knowledge have helped us to deliver an outstanding quality product as per the specifications required by the customers and as per the emerging market trends. We undertake brownfield and turnkey projects for factory setup. We are recommended for the economical range of product with customized design which leads to user friendly process of working.

compactor storage system manufacturer

Introduction of Compactor Storage System

We are considered to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of Compactor Storage System, which is well-known for best space saving system for storage in the Industry.  Inspected years ago in this domain we are offering ultimate Mobile Compactor Storage System with the latest technology which is noise-free, effortless and provides smooth operation for decades. The offered Compactor Storage System is secured, lockable and cost effective way to keep the industry documentation safe.

Our manufactured Compactor Storage Systems needs very lesser space and give more storage in comparison to than conventional racking systems. With the support of our offered system the clients can save upto 60% of space or can consume upto 100% or storage area. We take utmost care and design the compactors to minimize power in order to move heavy items to the safer place. The system glides on gears, rollers and chains for smooth movement of the storage structure. Since storage units are moveable only one passageway is required to service multiple racks.

Standard Design of Compactor Storage System

We are designing the offered Mobile Compactor Storage in such a manner that it reduces the need for space necessities between two fixed racks and this space can be utilized to accommodate more racks. Our offered racks are movable and are mounted on tracks which allow racks to move forward and backward. Because of this revolutionary design we need only one aisle to access the stored items. Compactor Storage can be moved with the help of a motor reducing the need for manual power and making a lot easier to reach the stored items.

Our availed Compactor Storage System is utilized to compress storage space by replacing stationary access passageway with moving access passageway.

compactor storage system manufacturer, & supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

These systems typically exchanges five to six stationary passageway for one moving passageway, but the exact number of moving passageway needed will depend on their activity level. Converting to a Mobile File Compactor Storage System will really decrease the storage floor space. Some client’s use this Compactor Filing System shelving to double their storage capacity in the same space used for traditional shelving with stationary passageway.

Constructional Features of Compactor Storage System

  • Tough and accuracy created racks utilizing excellent material
  • Exactly built guide rails, apparatuses, sprockets and chains for smooth, snap free development and low commotion or vibrations
  • Fixed direction with lifetime lubrication
  • Sheet metal cladding, guaranteeing insurance from tidy, harm or robbery
  • Position locking of racks amid use to guarantee administrator security
  • Complete system can be locked to prevent unauthorized access
  • System requires insignificant support
  • Powder Coated up to 60-70 microns with seven tank process
  • Use of high quality gears and wheels of high grade steel leads to minimal maintenance cost

Industrial Usage of Compactor Storage System

  • It requires lesser space and gives storage
  • It has high proficiency for putting away unique things and is completely protected to be utilized for the reason
  • These durable systems can easily store any heaps of material
  • It spares colossal measure of floor space as they have different racks that can be intended to meet our customer particulars
  • Compactors can be modified as per our valuable client’s necessity
  • Compactors shelving are most supreme for Offices, Banks, Industries, Hospitals, etc for storage of Records
  • Sturdiness, Attractive design, Compact design, Corrosion resistance, Perfect finish and sturdy construction are several of the betterment of this storage system
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Benefits of Compactor Storage System

  • Space Saving:Compactors Storage can set aside to 80% territory since one single walkway is utilized to work all the racks
  • High Storage Facility:The space made by utilizing single walkway can be reused to produce more storage room
  • Safeguard Items:Stacked things are sheltered from pilferage, robbery and some other sort of harm which isn’t conceivable in other storage systems
  • Saves Individual Effort:Compactor a storage system keeps running on rollers, wheels and well lubricated chains which empowers development of unit with negligible human exertion
  • Well Structured Material:Every unit has one acrylic sheet on the front panel for easy identification and salvage of the stored item

Storage Solution provided by Maxstor

Prime Consultation:
Maxstor supports very much designed, turnkey storage racks and upgraded benefit for tweaked storage solutions of wanted shapes and sizes. Our specific group provides food the requests with splendid space administration thoughts and ideal storage solutions. We comprehend to customer’s demand and give the most ideal storage.

Customized Design:
Maxstor actualizes far reaching and improved innovation to streamline the multifaceted outline structure of the capacity racks. The outline designs completely comprehend the conduct of segment bases, pillar to segment associations and individuals and build up a capacity get together utilizing modern mechanical devices, for example, AutoCAD of the items.

In-House Manufacturing:
MAXSTOR INDIA PVT LTD has a modern in-house producing unit and skilled labors, which takes after an institutionalized manufacturing unit. We hold fast to lean assembling systems to dispense with wastage appropriate from the procurement of crude materials, usage of plan, advancement of the item, quality checking, until the conveyance of the item.

On time Delivery:
Maxstor strives on a commitment to quality and on-time delivery. Therefore, we make sure that our products attain excellence in durability and reliability and reach our client’s destination in a given time frame. We have the best logistic network working round the clock to achieve deliverables without delay and damage of goods.

Customized and Variable Compactor Storage System

MAXSTOR INDIA PVT LTD Compactor Storage System specializes in offering high quality, value-driven and tailored warehouse storage racks for various industry verticals. Maxstor range is developed from the ground up and betters any existing storage rack systems in terms of load performance, durability and technology. Our products are having outstanding excellence in warehouse storage racks is achieved through,

  • Superior Technology
  • State-of-the-art Manufacturing
  • Customized Warehouse Storage Solutions
  • Engineering Expertise
  • Deep Experience in Project Management

What is the Average Price of Compactor Storage System

We generally manufacture Compactor Storage System that are racks based on the storage necessities of our clients. The price of the offered Industrial Rack System depends on the number of compartment / racks that has to be implemented in the compactor racks. The floor space size of the Compactor Filing System tallness of the compactors control the cost of the compactors. The nature of the crude material utilized for compactor portable racks additionally represents the merged cost of the total compactor unit.

Contact us with your exact requirements and dimension, for us to provide the compactor storage system price.

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Why Choose Maxstor for your Compactor Storage System

We at Maxstor have secured a distinct and top position in the market due to the unrivaled quality of our manufactured products. Our task is just not to maintain the quality in products’ but it enlarges further to their delivery within the demanded time limit. Owing to our vast distribution channel, we are able to deliver products to customers who are based at different locations and also at most affordable price. We have played out a lot of changes and blended business procedures to accomplish an overwhelming notoriety. As an association, we have been surpassing the challenge from throughout the years by creating inventive capacity frameworks. We continually attempt for flawlessness, which is simply not in the framework but rather additionally put to convention by passing impartial value go with fitting mindfulness.

Factors make us best in the market:

  • Premium quality products
  • Knack for improvisation
  • Prompt & effective services
  • Customer-oriented approach.
  • Efficient workforce
  • Timely delivery
  • Wide distribution network
  • Transparent dealings
  • Spacious warehouse
  • On time delivery
  • Easy payment modes
  • Competitive pricing